Kitchen Renovation 


Here at Great-Tile & Renovation LLC, our experts pride themselves on creating customized kitchen spaces. Whether you are going for a modern look or an old-fashioned style, our team will help create a kitchen that reflects your individual tastes. We offer custom kitchen backsplashes, granite countertops, and more. Give us a call today to schedule your kitchen renovation in Auburn, GA, and surrounding areas. 

√ Custom Kitchen Backsplash 

√ Granite Countertops 

Bathroom Renovation 

Upgrade your old bathroom and turn it into your own private getaway with the help of our bathroom renovation experts. Our team can help you install new tiling, sinks, faucets, and other larger appliances. Give us a call today to schedule your bathroom renovation in Atlanta, Fayette, and other nearby areas.

Flooring Installation 

Whether you need ceramic tile, stone floor, hardwood, or laminate flooring, Great -Tile & Renovation, LLC is here to help. In order to help you make the decision that best suits your needs and individual situation, our crew will walk you through the advantages and disadvantages of your various flooring options. For professional flooring installation in Auburn, GA, and surrounding areas, contact us now.

√ Installation Ceramic Tile & Stone Floors

√ Hardwood Installation Services 

√ Laminate Flooring Services 

√ Custom Floor Design 
√ Hardwood Floor Refinishing
√ Dustless System

Crown Molding& Baseboards

Complete any home renovation or room remodel with new crown molding and baseboards. Work with our experts to find the style and color that works best for you. Give us a call today to schedule your crown molding and baseboard installation in DeKalb, Fulton, Cobb, and other surrounding areas.

Fireplace Installation 

With years of experience, our team can offer your charm and beauty through our professional and reliable fireplace installation services. Our products come in a variety of finishes and shapes to help compliment your home, and ultimately, increase your property’s value. Whether you’re looking to install a wood burning fireplace to add a rustic and cozy atmosphere, or an energy-efficient gas fireplace to help save money on monthly bills, our team will work with you to help decide which is best for your home and your budget. If you’re looking for fireplace installers in Sterling and Barrow County, and every surrounding area, call our team to book an appointment with us today. We will work closely with manufacturers, builders, and contractors to help best transform your home with a new fireplace. We’re excited to work with you today!